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Dental Laboratory - Eliška Hanzalová DiS
Karlovy Vary

About us

We are apply of production dentures, crowns, telescopic works, bridges and replacements of implants. We make a high-quality dentures and partial dentures. From ceramic materials we create crowns and bridges.

In our laboratory use only high-quality and modern materials, witch processed with new techniques and devices, and we can guarantee high-quality replacements, but also low-price of this articles, thanks to reduction of time which is necessary for madding.

We repairing dentures by using special resin, which have no discoloring by time. No more steps after fracture or other color base around defects. Benefits, that appreciate especially client, is madding repair immediately.


Full ceramic replacements

We make perfectly esthetics and precise Zircon ceramic crowns and bridges in collaborate with the best milling center in Europe.


Soft and elastics dentures

We have several solution for clients with bad experience with classic dentures. We make primary partial dentures with invisible clasp from thermoplastics Flexite Supreme without metal, that means dentures meet high-esthetics requirement and they are right for allergic.
The other excellent variant is classic acrylic denture underlay layer permanently soft resin Vertex Soft. This denture never push, because soft layer is adapt sensitive gum.


Gold cleaning

We offer cleaning old gold teeth out of resin and cements, and make this immediately too. You can bring it anytime in working time that you can see downer. Cleaning price is 10 Kč/gram.

For students

Class praxis in our laboratory for students secondary and university medical school are possible.

We offer high-quality products by low prices. We arrive for work and finished product bring always in time. Quickness, pleasant behavior and possibility agreement is natural thing.

Use our offer and contact us. We can send price list on your email

Contact us by writing or personally at this addressee:

Eliška Hanzalová, DiS
Dental laboratory
Nákladní 645/21
360 05 Karlovy Vary

Mobil phone: 777 643 239
E-mail: zubni.lab.kv@gmail.com

Working time:
Mo-Th:      8:00 - 16:00
Fr:             8:00 - 14:00

Presentation of work:

How to get to dental laboratory:

MHD 1, 3, 5, 9, 14, 15, 21, 22 - station Elite and up the stairs


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